The optimal addition to VIAC outside of pillar 3a

You also use VIAC for your Pillar 3a? We at findependent also use the VIAC app and are really satisfied with it. Thanks to the great pioneering work of VIAC, saving securities in pillar 3a has become much easier and much cheaper in recent years. We have compiled the most important points in the VIAC comparison for you, such as VIAC fees, VIAC experiences and VIAC criticism. And of course a VIAC code.

Advantages and disadvantages of pillar 3a

The great advantage of pillar 3a is that the payments are deducted from taxes. The offers can often be used for as little as CHF 1. On the other hand, a maximum of CHF 7’056 can be invested annually and the options for withdrawing the money are limited (e.g. retirement, home ownership promotion and pension fund purchases). Of course, these disadvantages do not weigh equally on everyone. However, if you would like to invest more than the maximum amount of CHF 7’056 per year, or if you would like to invest part of your money with more flexibility, you need a suitable supplement to VIAC outside of pillar 3a.

findependent as a suitable complement outside pillar 3a

It was precisely with this idea in mind that we founded findependent in 2019. We want to make investing money outside of pillar 3a just as easy and affordable as with VIAC. With the added advantage that you can deposit and withdraw as much money as you want at any time.

As a VIAC customer, simply enter the code “startnow” when opening your findependent account and benefit from a special offer. Find out more here.

qr code for download of findependent investment app - as a supplement