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Kay Foerschle, CMO & co-founder
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Who is behind findependent?

Matthias Bryner, Beat Müller, Kay Foerschle, Tobias Hochstrasser, Shari Kalmar and Roman Niederer are behind findependent. A young, dynamic team on a common mission to make investing so simple and understandable that even investment novices can invest with a good feeling. We strive to make investing and the associated advantages accessible to all, so that everyone can benefit from economic success. More about the team, the advisory board and the board of directors can be found on our team page.

The idea for findependent came from Matthias Bryner, who founded the startup in June 2019. During his time at the digital bank Neon, Matthias had experienced first-hand the excitement that a user-friendly, digital and significantly cheaper bank account can generate. With the findependent investment app, he now wants to create a similar customer experience as Neon, Viac and Revolut have done for other areas of banking: Simple, digital, affordable and always at eye level with customers.