Why is the data in the app not up to date?

The data in the app is updated in the course of the morning. and shows the values of the previous day. Since the stock exchanges are closed at the weekend and we do not receive any data then, you can still see the data from Friday (which was updated on Saturday) until Tuesday morning before 10:30.

By the way, the prices of your ETFs change every minute (they are exchange-traded funds), which means that the total value of your investment solution also changes constantly. We have deliberately chosen to update the app once a day, a common practice in the industry. There is therefore currently no “real-time” solution.

If you urgently need to know the current price of one of your ETFs, you can enter the name of the ETF (e.g. iShares Core SPI ETF) or its ISIN (e.g. CH0237935652) in the Google search field. Many websites, e.g. that of SIX (Swiss stock exchange), provide so-called intraday prices, i.e. price quotations within the day.

You can find the details of your ETFs in your app in the overview of your investments; there you tap on the respective ETF and see all the detailed information.

Basically, however, we recommend that you only check the price development from time to time. Don’t waste too much time with the ongoing monitoring and control of the development. Use this time for the really nice things in life. Your investment solution is geared towards the long term; constantly checking the prices does not bring any real added value.