5 tips for investing money

Whether you’re a newcomer, beginner or professional, we’ve put together 5 valuable tips to help you get started successfully in digital investing or to restructure your existing assets.

Tip 1: Simple rather than complicated

Only invest in what you understand. Start with a simple investment app and make sure it’s intuitive to use and highly transparent so you always know how and where your money is invested.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the costs

Even if the costs seem low at first glance, they make a significant difference in the long run. After all, your money should work for you, not for the bank.

A digital asset manager or investment app should cost around half a percent. Annual fees that tend towards 1% or even higher are too expensive. findependent costs you only 0.44% of the invested money per year.

Maybe you think that the amount of the fees is not so important or at first glance, one per cent fees more or less does not look like much. But that is deceptive. Because the fees constantly eat away at your investment sum and a smaller investment sum then achieves less income and growth in value. Over time, the fees become increasingly noticeable – like a negative compound interest effect.

Moneyland study: These are the most favourable investment apps

Moneyland.ch, a leading Swiss comparison portal, examined digital asset managers and their costs. It turned out that digital investment apps are clearly cheaper than traditional asset managers. And findependent offers the cheapest investment app in Switzerland. However, the apps differ considerably. The entire study is available here.

Tip 3: Pay in regularly

The best thing to do is to set up a standing order and invest regularly in your findependent investment solution. This could be monthly or quarterly, for example. From an amount of around CHF 100, the investment is then made in the investment solution of your choice.

Tip 4: Stay true to your investment horizon

No investment in the world moves in only one direction, upwards. Fluctuations are normal and even out over time. It may even be the case that a temporary price decline occurs immediately after your deposit. Don’t let this upset you. If you said before investing that you would invest this money for 10 years, you should stick to this investment horizon even in stressful situations, i.e. even if the value of your investments falls below the purchase price in the meantime.

You can find out more about the risks and opportunities of investing here.

Tip 5: Start now, start early

Financial issues are often perceived as tedious and therefore often put off until tomorrow. But an important aspect for your financial success is to start early. Those who start investing earlier benefit longer and more from the compound interest effect. Don’t wait, start now.

You can use our yield calculator to find out for yourself what effect regular saving has on the development of your savings.

Investment term

Start amount

Monthly deposit

Investment solution

Your advantage with findependent* CHF 0
* We calculate with 0.5% interest on the savings account and for the forecasts the past performance based on index data, minus management fee, custody fee and ETF costs since 2005 is used (net return). It is not a guarantee for the future market performance. The actual asset value achieved may differ significantly from the forecasts.

This is findependent

We are a start-up and our goal is to make investing money and the associated benefits accessible to everyone. We have been on the market for a good year. Already today, over 5’000 customers trust us.

Find out more and find our team here.

According to an independent study, findependent is the cheapest online asset manager in Switzerland.

You start with an initial investment of 500 francs and can then pay in any amount you wish on a regular basis. What’s more, we don’t charge you any fees until you have invested 2’000 francs. Deal? Deal!

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